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• What is environmental pollution and the common causes of environmental pollution?

• What is environmental pollution and the common causes of environmental pollution?

?What is environmental pollution

Environmental pollution is the presence of any physical and chemical agents in the environment that change the stability of it and affecting the health of the living beings that .inhabit it

?What are the common causes of environmental pollution

Chemical waste
Chemical waste in water may come from houses, farms and factories. They may include nitrates, sulfates, carbonates and chlorides.

Fossil fuels
Although they serve us to generate energy in our homes and outdoors, they release large amounts of gases like carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides that pollute air.

Ionizing radiation
Ionizing radiation is a form of waves that has the ability to break atoms and DNA of living cells and may cause cancer.

We use them to increase food production by pest control, but they have effects on water sources and on the soil, they can cause health problems for humans and farm animals.

Plastic products waste
It’s a common form of environmental pollution which is caused by getting rid of plastic bags and products in sea, ocean and rivers water. This affects sea animals badly.

?What are possible solutions to environmental pollution

Control the use of fertilizers and pesticides
Several alternatives can be to use organic fertilizer, rotate the crops, avoid excessive watering and inspect the plants at least once a week, manually eliminating possible pests.

Improving the urban sanitation services
That involves organized cleaning and sweeping roads and public spaces, storage, collection, transportation, treatment and final disposal of solid waste generated by the population in the city. The inadequate disposal of waste is the cause of diseases, bad odors, pollution, deterioration of public spaces, among others.

Control oil spills
Most ships these days have safety regulators for oil transport and are designed to reduce the amount of oil in the event of an accident. And even if an accident occurs and the hydrocarbon spills, it will not amount to thousands of gallons.

Education of society
All members of society as many as we can should be educated about the environmental ecosystems, different types of environmental pollution, what is everybody role in maintaining the environment free of pollution. Additionally, any action that leads to environmental pollution must be stopped by law to reinforce pollution free environment.

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