Who can pin Roman Reigns after his victory at Crown Jewel over Logan Paul

Who can pin Roman Reigns after his victory at Crown Jewel over Logan Paul

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Roman Reigns is the number one superstar in WWE right now. He's been in tears lately, and no one on the list has been able to slow him down. The question now becomes, who can end the era of Roman Reigns? There are a few names that come to mind, but the most likely candidate is Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is the only man to beat Roman Reigns in a singles match, and he has done so twice. Another name that could end the era of Roman Reigns is Braun Strowman. Strowman has been on the alert lately, and he has the strength to match Roman Reigns. The last name that would likely end the era of Roman Reigns is The Rock. The Rock is a legend in WWE, and has defeated Roman Reigns before. The Rock could return for another match and defeat Roman Reigns to end his era. Since returning to SummerSlam, Bray Wyatt has been in tears. He has directed Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, and most recently Roman Reigns. Could he be the one who ended the Roman Reigns era? hit you? The shelter of his dreams between Daroc and Roman Reigns will be an epic battle. Jay Uso will probably betray Dharuk, but Dharuk will win in the end. WrestleMania 38 is only a few months away from us, and we still don't know who will be in the main event. Will it be Roman Reigns? edge? the rock? Brock Lesnar? The fact that we don't know makes it all the more exciting. There are so many possibilities and anything could happen. Win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania There are a lot of theories about what happened at WrestleMania, and why Jay Uso turned Roman Reigns on. Was he really cheating on his cousin, or was he just trying to help The Rock win the WWE Championship? Let's take a look at the facts and see if we can find them out. First of all, it is important to note that Jay Uso has nothing to do with The Rock. Both are part of the Anoa'i family, but they are not blood relatives. However, Jay Uso can still feel some kind of loyalty to The Rock because they are both part of the same wrestling dynasty. Another theory is that Jay Uso was simply following the orders of his uncle, Jimmy Uso. Jimmy is a member of The Usos tag team, and is known to have given orders to his nephews in the past. It's possible that Jimmy asked Jay to help The Rock win the WWE Championship, and Jay would simply obey 

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