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Live your life with satisfaction and satisfaction and you will be the happiest person

Live your life with satisfaction and satisfaction and you will be the happiest person

Live your life with satisfaction and satisfaction and you will be the happiest person.


Happiness is a state that makes a person judge his life and his days, as beautiful and stable because of his feeling of joy and pleasure together, which results in this feeling of a life free from problems and disturbances, and this feeling is the result of doing something that a person loves or provides a certain service to someone who loves him, and happiness varies from person For another, because it carries many meanings and concepts.


Many psychologists have studied the meaning of this feeling. Some social studies have shown that the feeling of happiness and even unhappiness is the result of different psychological situations that a person goes through, and they also found that feeling happy is a personal choice and a tendency imposed on oneself if he succeeds in knowing his right steps and the secrets of happiness that make him at the height of his joy.


types of happiness

Short-term happiness: It lasts for a short time to have one of the reasons for happiness, such as meeting someone on a trip to a favorite place.


Long-term happiness: happiness that lasts because of this long-term happiness. For example, a girl's marriage to a loved one may last for years.


The nature of each person is different. What is comfortable for a particular person may annoy others, and what is comfortable for others may make him feel comfortable and happy. Every person should review himself to see what causes him discomfort and get rid of these reasons so that they do not negatively affect his life and cause insomnia and discomfort. One should invest in things that make him feel comfortable and pleasing. The basis of this life is comfort and contentment.


The first and most important step to happiness is choosing to actually reach it; Happiness is often an achievement, not an instinct, and to achieve this achievement must be an internal and external effort according to philosopher Bertrand Russell in his book The Conquest of Happiness in 1930. On the other hand, psychologists agree that intention is one of the most important paths to happiness, and what is meant here is desire And adherence to behaviors that lead to what is desired.

According to a range of research papers, many complaints and grievances can have a negative impact on physical and psychological health. In contrast, Michael McCullough and Robert Emmons, who edited The Physiology of Happiness, argue that forgiveness contributes to the reduction of bad events and feelings that create unhappiness and resentment.

Focusing on the skills associated with happiness can contribute to further progress towards happiness. The most important one is self-esteem. A person can remember his best qualities, learn about his strengths and other things that make him feel good about himself.


Various sources of happiness, including:

Being close to happy people will bring happiness to the individual.

Imagine that you get what a person wants, this is part of his achievement and brings happiness.

Do your favorite things from time to time.

Set a goal beneficial to mankind and strive to achieve it.

Prepare for changes by developing alternative plans to deal with them.

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2022-08-13 06:54:42


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2022-08-14 17:13:07

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