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The basics of success in any project

The basics of success in any project

The first foundation is a list of goals: you must define a list of goals, such as what you will do in your day and what you will do in your month.  Achievable, realistic, and time-bound. For example, set a goal of $1,000 within six months. It is a smart goal because there are members of the company who have achieved $1,000 in this goal. If I say my goal is $1,000 within a day, then this is an unrealistic goal. The important thing is that I write the smart, realistic, workable goal and work with it, and I do not stand there.  Someone speaks to me negatively when I offer him the project, and I persevere and be patient and achieve it
The second basis is commitment to goals 2
That we put in place and the commitment to talk to people and follow them and train them
The third basis is writing a list of acquaintances and relatives3
 And classify it and write the people who love to develop themselves, the serious people, the people who want to change their lives for the better, the honest people, because many people have a deal mentality, they want from the first day to succeed and from the first day to achieve a large income, and this is a deal.  We do not deal with the liars that I have heard badly. In the beginning, I start with the people who trust me because I can be connected to something, and then they will trust me. My project will not complain about me or me, unlike the people with whom my relationship is new. First, I must start with the people who know me and trust me, and after completing  People who trust me and then go to the people I have a relationship with
 The fourth basis is supplication and suspense 4
take an appointment :
I must invite him and yearn for him as our project, without capital, without a place of work, without testimonies, and in the place and time that you want.
The fifth foundation is training 5 

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