What's Wrong With Russell Wilson Ahead of the Jets-Broncos Game?

What's Wrong With Russell Wilson Ahead of the Jets-Broncos Game?

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If Russell Wilson continues to struggle this week, the Jets will have a greater chance of winning their fourth straight game on Sunday. 

According to the game footage, Russell Wilson is causing the Broncos significant problems.

It was anticipated that the former Seahawks quarterback would be the Broncos' solution, but that has not happened.

Denver made a huge sacrifice to complete this historic exchange. They lost several premium draft selections, a few players, and a $245 million contract extension as a result.

The move is not looking good even if the season is still early.

Almost everyone is wondering the same thing as New York (4-2) prepares to face the Broncos (2-4) at Empower Field at Mile High on Sunday.

What's the matter with Wilson?

The solution has several facets.

The timing between Wilson and Denver's receivers is firstly incorrect.

The quarterback is in charge of the offense's rhythm and tempo, much like a drummer in a band.

Wilson gave Denver's offensive approach a sluggish, deliberate, and worn-out tempo against SF (9/25), LV (10/2) and IND (10/6).

Wilson seems to be a candle that is slowly burning out in the wind. Even the television broadcasters make references to "moments" when he appears to be his former self, so the most of the time he doesn't.

That much is apparent.

The ball placement by Wilson is disorganized at each of the three route levels. Aside from that, he doesn't seem to be keeping his attention on throwing downfield as much as the pass rush.

Wilson is the sixth-most sacked quarterback in the NFL, supporting that claim (20). He's keeping the ball in his pocket for much too long.


What's even more unsettling is seeing him fold like a tent and prepare for numerous of those bags.

Wilson has the appearance of a boxer who has been through too many rounds in the ring and is now punch-drunk.

His offense is experiencing serious issues in the red zone, and he is having trouble stringing drives together.

In terms of red zone effectiveness, Denver is dead worst in the league (20.00%). Ironically, Wilson's former Seattle club, who is ranked No. 31, is ahead of them, coming in at 33.33%.

A number of throws have also been dropped, which is just another indication that Wilson and his receivers are not on the same page.


In conclusion, Wilson seems to be a poor fit for Denver.

Wilson's slide did not begin this campaign. It is not a novel concept. Wilson had been deteriorating gradually for some time.

If anything, Wilson is less to blame for this trade than Denver and their executive team.

Wilson was never able to reach that level again after his memorable 2013 season in Seattle, when the Seahawks won the Super Bowl.


He's never really been that close.

In his final eight seasons in Seattle, Wilson only guided three first-place finishes and never advanced past the divisional round of the playoffs. The Seahawks last made it that far was in 2019.

Before Denver acquired him in a trade, Seattle had a 7–10 record and placed last in their division in 2021.

Given everything, it is not unexpected that Denver has had a poor start.

What anticipated Denver?

With a QB Rating (QBR) of 35.8 through the first six games of the season, Wilson is ranked as the No. 25 quarterback in the NFL.

How does his QBR compare to his three prior seasons before 2022?

2021: 60.6

2020: 67.1

2019: 71.5

Prior to the significant deal, Wilson had been slowly losing ground over the previous three seasons.

His QBR has now plunged off a cliff.

The good news for the Jets is that the Packers, who they crushed 27-10 this past Sunday, and the Broncos are comparable opponents.

Denver also heavily relies on their running game (110.2 yards per game on average) to hide the fact that their quarterback and receivers' timing is off.

Denver is similar to Green Bay in that it frequently shoots itself in the foot with errors and dropped passes.

For New York to win this game, and expect the trade that sent Wilson to Denver to go down in NFL history as one of the worst deals ever made.



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