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How  Can you  deal  with  people  who  hates  you  and  always  critics  you?

How Can you deal with people who hates you and always critics you?

How do you deal with people who hates you and always critics you?

We will start this article by answering the question; why do some people hate you and  feel jealous of you?
In fact, some people feel jealous of you and hatred against you when they see your superiority and success, and this is a reflection of their conviction that they suffer from a deficiency, and therefore these feeling caused the creation of some uncomfortable situations and your bad feeling toward your success.

Hatred is  poison, it is toxic, it is scientifically proven fact. Hate is bad for your physical health, so do not hate a grudge person and do not exchange hate for hate.
According to the above, It is necessary to confront malevolent people and to follow different methods to overcome their hatred and jealousy
This group of people should be treated differently from the rest of people.

The first  method you have to deal with such  people is to keep  doing what  you  are  doing  and  do not  stop  because  of them  . In addition,  you  have  to avoid   taking things  personally. Be aware  that  Peoples'  jealousy  of  you has  nothing to  do  with  you  at all, and for  this  you  have  to have  confidence  in yourself and not  to allow  any jealous person to affect  your  confidence  or make  you  feel  distracted  by yourself.

The second  method to use  with  those kind  of  people  is your  success «yes»  your  success  is the way to respond  to  their hatred  toward  you. Thus,  you  must  focus  on your  success and try always  to develop  yourself.

The  Third method to deal with such people is to avoid malicious  and  jealous  comments  in order  to convey a message  to these  people  that you  will  not  believe  their  feelings. 
Moreover, you have to limit your interaction with envious people because when you reduce your dealing with spiteful people, you reduce his abilityto affect you negatively. Only say  hello to this person then leave him a lone.

The fourth way to deal with hatred people is to not to be available in the same place where this hatred person is there. Do not let him continue to harassing you in anyway.

Fifth, you must block these people everywhere, do not give him the opportunity to harm you or annoy you through social networking sites.

The last thing that you have to care about is to not to add fuel to the fire, that is, do not anger them. Their anger will only make your life worse. They will go out of their way to make your life worse, just live your life this is their problem.
I have presented you some methods to deal with annoying people in your life, and to make your life more easy and more beautiful without any problems but be careful dear reader to use such ways with all people around you because you will lose everyone around you. Only use these ways with people  who always  annoy you and hate you and make troubles  in your  life.

comments (4)
Amat Alrahman Al dhbly

2022-09-12 18:41:29

Abdul Aziz Saber

2022-09-12 22:11:37

Useful methods to use, Thanks Marwa Keep it up.

2022-09-15 00:45:04

keep it up

2022-10-02 20:26:33

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