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The most important problems and solutions developed by the state with regard to the management of water resources and their valuation

The most important problems and solutions developed by the state with regard to the management of water resources and their valuation

The specter of water scarcity inside the Kingdom of Morocco The pioneers of the colonizer, the beast exploiting natural resources before and during his presence inside Morocco, under the shield of protection, to build the first dam inside the Kingdom in 1924 to become twelve dams to the borders of independence, but the late King Hassan II was aware of the problems and dangers of climate change first, secondly, the increase in population; Since climatic changes weaken the groundwater reserves, disrupt the water circulation system, and reduce the process of replenishing the underground bed water, while demographic growth increases pressure on this vital material, and accordingly the late King Hassan II adopted a policy of building dams since the seventies of the last century, to reach the role of this Politics in the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century, and thus Morocco becomes a leading country in the management of water resources through the construction of dams, which have reached 128 large dams, but these measures were very limited in terms of effectiveness despite the budgets allocated to them, and this is what made us We see the specter of thirst with clear features that threatens most regions of Morocco, in recent times due to climatic changes and the increasing pressure on groundwater, especially in the field of agriculture, which has adopted modern modern mechanisms with its orientation towards marketing agriculture with a product of high value and price, within the national and international markets, such as: Avoca Watermelon grapes....

These products drain the surface and underground waters together, in partnership with the mis-dissipation of this vital substance from a fixed party in the urban and rural world. It is time for the right to equal possession of the product
Putting the picture through photographs 31 and 40 of the 2011 constitution, as well as the Water Law 10-95 and amended by Law 36-15 established in Morocco and the signs of its management and ways to preserve it, with the adoption of the policy of dams that His Majesty the King immediately established for him, Hassan II, in the seventies, Increasing it, depends on two main pillars, the first of which is; Making the collector become a minor. It was concerned with the sustainability of agricultural development, and the doubling of the agricultural internal raw internal product and exports. The deal, the farming and the farmer, a deal, a deal, a deal to buy this program, this picture turns into a landscape, in light of climate change, the rehabilitation of farmers, their formation and raising the level of their organization, in addition to a general amendment, as well as holding procedures on production and marketing chains..... There are also several other measures taken by the affairs of aquaculture and the farmer, and the management of resources, the economic value of agricultural products, and the increase of their incomes on raw internal output and individual income; I am here to help in the continuation of assistance in decision-making, to help in dealing with the impact of drought, the continuation of the villagers' needs for drinking water, the supply of grain and fodder to the markets, the allocation of income in the rural world, the rescheduling of farmers' debts and the protection of natural resources. In addition to this program, Morocco hosted in 2007 the drought program, which is based on irrigation and water saving, with funding from Spain and Morocco, and technical assistance from the Education Nutrition Organization. Environmental engineering has moved from watering to watering.

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Nabiha Barki

2022-08-28 10:22:56

مقال جيد يستحق القراءة

2022-08-28 13:59:21

Nabiha Barki

2022-08-28 10:23:41

اللهم ارزقنا غيثا نافعا و ارحمنا باسمك الرحيم الكريم

2022-08-28 13:59:30

Ayman Saddoune

2022-08-29 12:06:52

احلى بركي ❤️💪
آيه حسين

2022-10-13 22:58:25

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