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A short story about Friends

A short story about Friends

 Whatever its planned target, mortars landed on an orphanage run by a group of charitable employees in a small Vietnamese village. All members of the group with one or two children were killed on the spot, and many other children were wounded, including a little girl of about eight years old. 

It is the request of the people of the village for medical assistance from a city that will soon be able to communicate wirelessly with the American people forces. Finally a doctor and a nurse from the US Navy arrived in a jeep. The doctor and nurses determined that the girl with the most serious injury, and without quick action, would die of shock and blood loss. A blood transfusion was inevitable. A donor with the same blood type was needed and a quick test showed that no one in America had the same blood type, but many unaffected orphaned children had the same type. 

The doctor spoke a little Vietnamese, and the nurses spoke a few words of French. Using that combination with a lot of sign language, they tried to explain to the terrified young children that if they could not replace some of the lost blood, the girl would surely die. Then they asked if any of the children were willing to donate blood to help her they request coincided with silence and open eyes. After a few long moments, a small, trembling hand rose, then fell down again, and then rose again The French nurse said: Oh! I thank . What is your name ?The answer to the question came: Hing 

Heng quickly lay down on a straw bed and anointed his arm with alcohol to disinfect it. He stuck a needle into his vein, and the whole time Heng was still kneeling stiffly and silently. But after a while, a trembling sigh escaped him, so he hastened to cover his face with his free hand. The doctor asked him, do you feel pain, Heng? Heng shook his head, but after another moment, a second sigh escaped. Once again, he tried to hide his crying. Once again, the doctor asked him if the needle hurt. Once again, Heng shook his head. The medical team was worried. It was clear something was going wrong. At this moment, a Vietnamese nurse arrived to help and when she saw the little boy's anguish and panic, she quickly spoke to him in Vietnamese and heard his duties return in a soft, gentle voice. 

And after. The moment the boy stopped crying and looked at the Vietnamese nurse with a questioning look, and when she shook her head positively 

She gave a satisfied look 

The American nurse said quietly: He thought he was dying, he misunderstood what you meant. He was imagining that you were asking him to give all his blood so that the little girl could live 

The nurse asked Fleet: but why could agree to something like that? 

The Vietnamese nurse decided to ask the boy in tongue Vietnamese

He replied simply because she is my friend! Excerpted

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2023-02-03 22:31:21

آيه حسين

2023-02-03 22:49:39

Yousef zekry

2023-04-05 22:25:40

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