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How to be creative like 1% of people

How to be creative like 1% of people

 The creativity is important skill.
 The creativity allow us to enhance the world. The creativity makes us special peoples around the world. 

The creativity is something that everyone values. Most of people want to be creative and do creative things. But how does one become creative? Understanding the benefits of creativity is the first step towards becoming creative. Not understanding the dangers of being creative and not taking steps to enhance creativity can seriously hurt your career.

In this article, i'm gonna show you how to be 99% creative person. Let's get started.

Is the creativity a born-natural skill?

The short answer is : No

In the past. We thought that the creativity is born-natural skill, and that what makes a weak productivity and makes a lot of people feel disappointed.

But the real truth is the opposite of that. The human can be a creative whenever he want after learning and practising on some techniques and strategies that the scientists has invented. Here are 2 techniques of them.


Scamper is a beginners-friendly technique that based on editing the ideas that is already made to make it more better with some methods. The word "Scamper" is actually an abbreviation for these methods. And those methods is :

5.Put to other use


 Means replacing a part of the idea with new idea like : Replacing the cell phone keyboard buttons with touch screen control.


Means combining 2 ideas or more. You can use this method with 2 thing is not necessarily to been combined like : Camera + Smartphone. This idea has saved the tiredness of holding 2 devices. 


Means adapting the idea to make it satisfying for some types of people like : Turning the car case into a gate so the disabled persons can get into the car.


Means changing the appearance of the idea to make it unfamiliar for the other rivals like or to make a lot of people satisfied as much as possible. What i love is not what you love and not what some people love.

Put to other use.

Means using the idea in something unusual for it to be used like : Making drawers inside the staircases.


Means eliminating the negatives or the useless parts of the idea like : Eliminating the landlines cables and its giant size to make it portable such as nokia.


 Means reversing the roles of  some components of the idea like : The automatic stairs (Escalators) is moving while we just stand on it instead of we moving up or down while the stairs is fixed.

2.Six hats

Six hats is an idea generation strategy that depends on a six sides of the idea like :

1.Analysing side
2.Positive side
3.Negative side
4.Intuition and Feeling side
5.Creativity side
6.Manager side

Analysing side.

This side is also called the "Computer thinking" side, because its function is performing the facts that might be useful to exploit and increase the creativity.

Positive side.

This side focuses on the positive things and expectations that might make a hit.

Negative side.

This side focuses on the negative things and expected dangers that might take a lot of risk.

Intuition and Feeling side.

This side is called the "Heart leading" side, because it depending on the intuitions and the Possibilities. Sometimes the feelings is bringing us facts that the mind unable to bring. 

Creativity side.

This side is where we show off our creativity skills, here you can use Scamper or any other techniques.

Manager side.

This side is takes the opinions and the facts that all the other sides had inform and generate it into one idea that satisfying all the other sides.

There are techniques like TRIZ and coRT, but it needs a long time to study.

Bonus : Play Stronghold crusader.

This game will be very very useful for your creativity and problem solving and idea generation. It teaches you how trying unfamiliar things and increases your intelligence quotient and turns you into unique person in thinking.

This is how you can do it.


Sign up here :
Thank you for reading.

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آيه حسين

2022-10-16 00:39:06

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