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How to use your bias to your advantage

How to use your bias to your advantage

Have you ever felt that you may have misinterpreted a situation or misjudged some people? Have you ever wondered why things go wrong sometimes? You are not alone. We all experience these moments when we start seeing things differently. This happens because of our "bias".

 Bias is a thought process in which the brain filters some information. In this process the brain focuses on some elements and ignore others.

 Everyone of us makes thousands of conscious and unconscious decisions every day. Our emotions, personal motives and past experiences influence our thoughts, so whether you are aware of this or not, these decisions are influenced by .your biases

 Despite its downsides, biased thinking has some advantages. Actually it has been considered as a coping mechanism.

 Some of the downsides of biases are; overestimating or underestimating the results of our actions, repeating undesirable patterns of behavior, procrastinating...etc.

 However, when we become aware of our bias, we can use it to our advantage.

 Here are some ways that can help you understand and use your biases for your benefit:

  • 1- Bias helps in taking quicker actions. Some situations require quick decisions, especially if you are facing danger.

2- It can help you avoid procrastination and complete your tasks. For example, you can motivate yourself by focusing on the possible gains, or imagining the bad consequences that may happen if you don't finish the task.

3- Paying attention to the pleasant events can increase your happiness. This is known as "The Pollyanna principle".

4- Admitting that you have biases, makes you consider others' opinions and accept criticism.

5- Realizing that everyone has his own biases, gives you a chance to understand their motives and viewpoints.

6- Being aware of your biases can be a good opportunity to grow, if you choose to be more curious and open to new ideas and information.

7- Acknowledging that you might be wrong sometimes in your interpretation of a situation, or your reaction towards it, can help you find better solutions.

8- It can help in breaking some bad habits when you understand the reasons behind them.

9 -You can learn from past experiences by finding out if your bias has caused you to ignore some facts.

10- To be conscious of the impact of the surrounding environment on your thinking, can help to reduce it.

 To sum up, bias is something that we cannot avoid completely. It can be either good or bad. However, keeping it in check, can help us reduce its drawbacks and benefit from it.

comments (3)

2023-05-28 15:29:51

Very useful and wonderful article
Your style is easy and unique
Salwa Nagy

2023-05-30 00:07:01

Thank you so much for your comment 🌹
Emy Khalid

2023-07-28 00:23:42

well done
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