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Technology pros and cons

Technology pros and cons

Technology pros and cons

Positive effects of technology

Technology has employed science and knowledge in many areas of life, in a deliberate way to facilitate the lives of individuals, and add value to societies. Such as the intrusion of technology into the educational, health, agricultural, and other fields, which has brought about a major change in the life of mankind. Here are the most important benefits of technology in our daily lives: [1] Improving the level of education, technology has brought about a huge scientific and knowledge revolution that has contributed to an increase in the number of inventions Scientific. Improving the level of the transportation sector. Facilitating household chores by using electrical machines that rely on modern technology to save time and effort. Increasing production efficiency and reducing human errors in the financial and business sector.

Improve the education process

Technology affects the learning process positively, through the following: [2] Helping students to do their homework.[2] Facilitating the search for different topics.[2] Learning the basics of spelling and counting for primary school students, in a fun way.[2] Empowering students.[2] [2] Increasing the effectiveness of lessons and facilitating their understanding, which greatly helps teachers in enhancing the education process. [2] Facilitating attending seminars held by educational institutions remotely instead of From sending students to actually attend such seminars.[2] Increasing learning opportunities, as it is possible through technology to attend training courses, and learn various lessons via the Internet, such as learning a new language.[3]

Increase labor productivity

The benefits of technology are numerous in the field of work, including: [4] Improving communication: Technology facilitates communication with others, regardless of the distance, through a regular call; or a video call; sending text messages either through websites; Or social media, [5] On the other hand, technology improves the interaction and communication of employees with each other during work, in addition to facilitating and exchanging information related to work, for example, it is possible to use Skype to share information and projects in all different departments, in addition to supporting the process of making the decision. Improving human resource management: Technology improves human resource management by improving the process of evaluating employees and hiring new employees, in addition to the possibility of recruitment through the use of the Internet, which leads to saving a lot of time spent on carrying out many procedures, and facilitating the work tasks of the resource officer Humanity. Track employee performance: Technology enables tracking of employee performance and productivity, which leads to increased productivity.

Strengthening family ties

Technology has significantly strengthened family ties, and here are the most important advantages of technology in this aspect: [6] Strengthening family ties: Many families use technology to strengthen and maintain family ties, especially with grandparents and other relatives who live in faraway places. Instant Communication: Family members can talk to their children instantly through email, text message, quick call, or through any of the different social media sites. Participation: Some families may create their own websites and blogs as a way to share pictures and important family events with each other, and parents can share with their children many enjoyable times such as watching movies or electronic games, which increases the bonds between them. Spending more time with the family: through the possibility of working from home via the Internet.

Helping people and people with special needs

Technology has many positives, the most important of which are: [7] Information storage: Technology allows storing huge amounts of information in return for a relatively small amount of storage space. Achieving entertainment and pleasure: Many may get pleasure and entertainment through the use of social media, or by playing various computer games. Get the news: News sources are available throughout the day through websites or social media. Helping people with special needs: Technology provides opportunities for people with special needs to live their lives normally by taking various classes and lessons.

The use of technology in recycling

The use of modern technology has enhanced recycling processes at various levels, especially plastic recycling technology, which uses many technologies for this purpose, the most important of which are the following: [8] Recycling by means of a quick-learning robot: a robot equipped with artificial intelligence technology that can separate materials from each other at breakneck speed through algorithms. Reducing recycling costs: The process of recycling plastic was done by using water in the process to clean and cool the plastic in order to preserve the environment and not harm it, and this was the reason for those in charge of the process introducing techniques that help in the recycling process without the need for water; To reduce the recycling cost. Pollutant removal: These are the technological techniques that are used to remove odor and color from old plastic materials, in order to produce new plastic materials that are clean and free of pollutants.

Increasing the rate of agricultural production

The heavy use of technology in the field of agriculture and livestock has greatly increased its productivity compared to traditional methods, and the most important of these methods are the following: [9] Genetics and livestock breeding: Technology has improved animal production, as scientists work in laboratories to know the genes responsible for Promoting the health of animals, and identifying ways to reduce the negative effects of the environment on their health, and their ability to live

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