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Twenty 20 activities you can do away from social media

Twenty 20 activities you can do away from social media

20 activities you can do away from social media


 We cannot deny the significant impact of our excessive use of social media on our overall mood. Social media sites are most of the time full of bad news. The thing that can fill us with bad emotions. This also can affect the quality of our sleep. We become more nervous and tense and this will affect our communication with others.

 Besides; as long as it is human nature to tend to compare; so when we see a photo of a friend or a celebrity looking happy, we assume that everyone is happy all the time. We think that other people don’t suffer like us. We start to see ourselves as less than others. This is of course not true or realistic. Everyone has moments of sadness and pain as he/she has moments of happiness. However; most people tend to show only their happy moments on social media.

The power of habits

 Although we often feel bored of our excessive use of social media, we find this behavior to be so difficult to change. This happens because your brain, after a while, gets used to any activity that you exercise for some time. This will make it hard for your brain to get rid of this habit or to change it.

 Building new habits is not easy at the beginning. However it will definitely make your life much easier and happier afterwards. This will take some time, but you will feel the difference in the level of your energy and happiness when you adopt new better habits.

 The best way that will help you get rid of a certain habit, is to replace it for another new one. Start with one of your favourite activities. Try to maintain it for a period of time and it will turn into a habit that you will do automatically.

Here are 20 activities you can do away from social media

 1-Get postponed things done

  Some ideas come to our minds every now and then. We may have the desire to achieve these ideas but we prefer to postpone them because we feel that they are not important or urgent.

  Many of these things could be interesting for us, however, we postpone them. This happens because we used to not exert more effort in things that we don’t feel urgent or necessary. When we feel stressed after a long day of work, we prefer not to spend any more energy. Instead; we turn to amuse ourselves by navigating between pages of social media. The thing that turns fast  into boredom, and may fill us with bad emotions.

  For this reason, it is so important to write a list of those things that you postponed, even if they seemed to be trivial to you. You may be surprised when you discover that you put off things you wanted to do since you were a child!

  Every time you get something done from this list, cross it out this will give you a good feeling.


 We are not talking here about practicing exercise regularly for maintaining health. We are just talking about walking. Try to walk without being busy with anything. This will help you clear your mind and will increase your focus. It’s also known that physical activity works to enhance happiness hormones in the brain.

3-Tidy up home

  If you are someone who used to delay tidying your home because you don’t consider this as a priority or none of your business, so let me tell you that you got to try.

  This is one of those activities that elevate mood You will get this sense of achievement and a sense of control. You can also make some changes in décor or even rearrange your home furniture. This will also help you get rid of unneeded stuff.

4-Review your goals and adjust your plans

  It’s not only fun, but necessary to review our goals and adjust our plans every now and then. When we reconsider our goals and plans, we may find that we need to change some details which don’t suit us anymore. Maybe we’ll adopt totally new goals and plans.

5-Movie list

  Make a list of movies you want to watch and start watching. Don’t limit yourself to just watching cinema movies. Consider watching documentary films. Such films may present a vivid picture of wild life, tours in different countries….etc.

6-Contact family and friends

  Try to spend more time with your family and friends without being busy with your phone. These are precious moments. Regular communication with family members makes us feel safe and spending time with positive people elevates our energy.

7-Try something new

  It can be a place you’ve never been to, a different meal, or maybe talking to a stranger. This will make you enjoy your time while you may discover new things about yourself. You may discover a hobby you like or maybe a talent you were unaware of.

8-Listen to music

  Choose musical pieces or songs you like. They don’t have to be calm music. Just choose pieces you love.

9-Revisit your old hobbies

  Remember those things that you loved to do when you were child. Maybe you liked football, biking, painting, writing, photographing, planting,…..etc.

10-Listen to podcasts

  Podcasts content is different from other social media sites. Podcasts focus on a specific subject each time. They host people who have great experience in different fields in life. In this way, you will fill your free time with useful and enjoyable thing. Listen to the podcast from your computer. Try not to use your phone to avoid frequent notifications.

11-Help other people

    Focusing on oneself all the time lowers the level of our happiness and makes us feel bored and worthless. Try to help someone in need. You can provide some support for orphans, sick and older people.

12-Master a new skill

  What about learning a new language, for example, or creating something with your hands. You will feel a sense of achievement and self-improvement.

13-Spend time with your pet

The positive energy that you get from spending time with your pet is really strong. It makes you more able to bear life stresses and work pressure. Animals love you unconditionally and they are available all the time.


  Choose a paper book, or an  electronic book on Kindle or a computer. Avoid the mobile because its notifications will distract you for sure.

15-Write your diaries

  You don’t have to write every detail of your day. It will be enough to focus on things that you feel grateful for. Also, talking about your positives will maintain your self confidence and will level up your sense of satisfaction.

16-Coloring and solving mind games

  The book stores and electronic stores are now full of different coloring books. Coloring reduces stress and helps you to relax and be calm. You can also try solving mind games like; crosswords, sudoku,…etc.


  Working on self improvement will enhance your abilities and increase your confidence. You can join a course, for example, to study something intensively. Choose the way that suits you.

18-Expose yourself to nature

  Watch the sky at sunset. Watch the birds. Sit between trees. Engaging with nature is comfortable for your mind and soul. It also helps in creativity.

19-Plan to travel or go on a vacation

 Collect some information about places you want to visit. Make a list of these places. Set the right time and start taking steps.

20-Visit the public library

  Public libraries nowadays are no longer limited to reading books. They frequently organize different activities and trips. This will enable you to take on new experience and meet new people.

   Finally; don’t forget to keep a list of activities that you can do in your free time, away from your mobile. This will help to remind you to try new things and build new healthy habits.

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