How to overcome failure gvc

How to overcome failure gvc

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Failure consumes more time and effort than success, because failure is not only inactivity and laziness, but failure may be represented in scattered efforts and destructive activities 


How to overcome failure 

In this article we will learn about some steps that wii reduce our failure and frustration,and we will talk about some important elements 

avoid the will to fail  /1 

some steps to face failure/2

what is success /3 


          Avoid the will to fail 

It said that one person had all the resistance success and surpassed the senior engineers, but he began to prefer failure to himself as a choice,as that person when he finsh the designs that would not hand to their owners 

He says they didn't measure up and his staff teased him a lot, but he's used to testing those designs and not paying attention to them.Until he ended up having all the employees and starting to doing some minor work 

Until he ended up having all the employees and starting to doing some minor work 

How many books did his owner tear it up because he saw that its level was not considered a good thing and that his writing was bad There is nothing wrong with improving the matter more than without searching for perfection 

2) Steps to face failure 

Failure is apart of life,and it is not right to get rid of it and avoid it by fleeing and fearing, rather we must deal with it in the best possible awy to benefit  from it without affecting up negatively 

Here are some tips and steps 

Analyze the proplem /1

You have to know more about the proplem that you are think about it how did it happen? And why? What are its different parts? 

All of this question would make solving your proplem easier 

2/ Adapt the problem 

In order not to lose your psychological peace and to be nd abandon the pessimistic outlook and be optimistic, because pessimists cannot see the solutions that lie in front of them because he was preoccupied with the proplem 

In the end, you should know that successful people are not the people who are not subject to failure, but rather those who are good at dealing with

failure and making it useful for them, learni sawng from it, but .without repeating their mistakes


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