increase in salary

increase in salary

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increase in salary

Employees often attribute the reasons for not being promoted to many reasons, including nepotism, nepotism, and bias towards certain races, ethnicities, or even religions, and this is true, but in a small percentage, as the great reasons for obtaining a promotion and increase in salary lie in the following reasons (according to successful businessmen): :

 Enthusiasm for work

Many employees are not motivated to work, their understanding is to finish work time and go home. If you want to get a promotion, you must be excited and work as if you are going to get the position of manager. If you do not like your work, you either leave it or force yourself to love it. One of the laws of success is to do something you love because you are excited to do it automatically.

Believe in yourself

Self-confidence is one of the factors in obtaining a promotion. If someone else before you can do that, you can also change your mentality to think about a higher position than the current position. Do not complain or complain. Your mentality is one of the reasons for not being promoted, and the mind and body are connected. If feelings control you Lack of self-confidence will affect your performance at work.

Change your thoughts

Change the ideas you think during the course of work, stay away from hatred and jealousy and focus on work. Suggest new ideas as if you are a new person in the company.


Managers do not like to promote a person who is not tactful and creates problems. Be a person who is tactful in talking and polite in dealing with others. Offer help to everyone and help your colleagues in their tasks, as they will automatically respect you if you do so.

 Accuracy of appointments

Time management is a key element to success. Imagine with me a manager who does not commit to his time with customers and is always late? Do you think this manager deserves a promotion?


You came from your home to work, so dedicate all your time to that, stay away from side conversations that consume a large part of your working time, the time for prayer and rest are specific, so do not waste them and be serious, that is if you are really serious about increasing your salary.

I ask for additional work

Businessmen say that 9 out of 10 employees are satisfied with performing the work required of them and are fed up with the additional work assigned to them. Ask for additional work and unleash your creativity, as you may be the only one at work who adds more value than others.

 Speed and accuracy

Speed and accuracy are inseparable colleagues. If you can perform the duties required of you and not required of you quickly and accurately, you will definitely add value to the company.

Focus on work

Take a short break after every two hours of work. This will help you focus on your duties.




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