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Laziness and procrastination and ways to get rid of them

Laziness and procrastination and ways to get rid of them

The ultimate solution to the problem of laziness and procrastination


Through my experience in life and reading several books in the field of human behavior, I concluded that we humans are weak beings, and this pushes us to fear and laziness, so we always need ready-made, heavenly, fantasy solutions.  It becomes a complete fantasy entity that comes from the sky, and each one has a second half, and the subject is finished, or that passion remains a quality that you are born with, a fantasy quality that expects a bright and certain future in something that you love and do in silence. A girl is now sitting on the coast of a tropical island to enjoy pineapple juice. We need goodness.  It remains very clear, even utopian, in the characters that we love and consider as ideals for us, and evil remains very clear in other characters that we hate and wish to be erased from existence, as if they were heroes and villains coming from the world of comic books .. etc.


We always want everything to be 100% clear without any side frills, so we fail in our relationships, we fail to achieve tangible achievement, and we fail to evaluate many personalities, simply because the world is complex, complex, and has many aspects.


In the end, some people are born and die lacking - perhaps - the most important thing in our life, the adventure. The adventure is that when we enter into a relationship, we work to develop and improve it without the need for signs confirming that we are on the right path. Adventure is that we learn something, accomplish it, and delve deeper without the need to anticipate a specific future.  Why be reassured, the adventure is that we deal with every person we respect in a critical manner, not devoid of a mixture of support and rejection, and we prefer to love him as normal.
We accept that we are wading through unknown, soft lands, based only on probabilities that we imagine are acceptable, and we make some effort as much as possible, and try our luck.

What is very important is that you realize that the most important thing that will help you get rid of laziness is adventure and jumping without thinking too much. Jump into work and indulge in it, and that imaginary anxiety that was controlling you will disappear.


These are the most important tips that will help you in this adventure that you will accept to start a life full of activity, movement and achievement, away from  laziness and inactivity:

✓ Prioritize and focus on the most important
Because thinking about more than one task at the same time makes you distracted and therefore unable to focus and work.. The first thing to clear your mind is to arrange the tasks rationally and realistically, commensurate with your daily effort and energy.  Then


✓ Don't think, turn off your mind, just act
Because the human brain is designed to protect us, so it works to make us always save the largest amount of energy and thus not achieve anything except in cases of necessity.  To shock him with work immediately without thinking too much.. just immerse yourself in work.. and I advise you to use the arithmetic rule to calculate backwards 3 2 1 and start with the task so as not to give the brain an opportunity to make you feel uncomfortable and reduce your resolve.. just start, don't think.


✓ Don't wait for the right time, make the right time
Do not wait for the right atmosphere, the right place, the right opportunity, because in most cases this will never happen, and as I said earlier, it is just a trick of the brain to keep you in the comfort zone .. Start whatever your circumstances and wherever you are .. jump (but of course after proper logical thinking)


✓ Remember the aftermath of procrastination and laziness
Always remind yourself of the regret that attacks you when you do not complete your tasks and accumulate them on you, and make that an incentive to do them immediately.


✓ Do not forget to reward yourself by taking a break or playing with what pleases the soul, and punish yourself by increasing work when you are late, but gently and moderately.


Finally, the sense of achievement and its pleasure and the feeling of pride gives meaning to life, but a person should not overlook that rest is an integral part of work.. Therefore, do not overwork yourself, and that you have a right upon yourself, and God does not burden a soul beyond its capacity.. Work and  Strive hard and give yourself the right to rest and recuperation at the end of work, and God is the Grantor of success.

I hope you have benefited.

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