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?How to make the right decision

?How to make the right decision

We make decisions every day. Everything you say and do is a result .Make a certain decision, consciously, whether we make it or not. For every choice, big or small, there is no easy way for making the right decision. The most important thing you can do is approach as many points of view as possible and then choose the course of action that makes sense at the time. If you have a big decision to make, it may seem difficult. But there are some simple things you can do to make it easier, like identify the worst that could happen, make a spreadsheet, and follow your gut instincts. Keep researching to learn more about how to make the right decisions. To make any decision in your life, you must have three in mind :
1. Ability
2.Alternatives and options
3. Goal

The ability to make such a decision and secondly you have other alternatives and options to choose between them and thirdly the goal of the decision if you have these three points if you will succeed by taking this from

your decision. If you decide to complete your studies at the university and you are, for example, the first thing you should ask yourself 1. Do you have the ability to choose? 2. Do you have options? 3. Do you have a goal? employee meaning


By answering these questions, you will be able to make your decision, change your life. When you make a decision, you must adhere to it [because implementing the decision is a source of strength for you. Remember even

Make plans to make your decision more effective. Once you've decided what you're going to do, you should write down steps to actually implement it. The action plan should include your step-by-step approach, your timeline for implementing the solution, and how you will include any other people who may be affected by your decision.

For example, if you have made a decision to go on vacation, you need to take specific steps to make the vacation happen. Your steps may include budgeting and saving money for your trip, talking to anyone who is going on vacation with you, scheduling the vacation, scheduling transportation and hotel details, and scheduling when each of these items need to be completed.

There are also 6 steps to help you make decisions: 

 Imagine yourself outside the topic and consider yourself the one who presents advice 

 Minimize as much as possible the amount of information that occupies   you in to make your decision 

. Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen 

 Write your fears on a piece of paper  

Successful people decide quickly and change slowly and hesitant people decide slowly and change quickly

Always try to make your decision with a clear mind

After all these steps, you should not hesitate to make your decision because hesitation makes the decision difficult

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2022-11-14 22:54:00

Very good article
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