?How Can I be more beautiful without surgery

?How Can I be more beautiful without surgery

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These days, healthy aging is more about feeling timeless than chasing youth, and we’re here for it. While there’s only so much we can do to avoid the natural signs of aging (even with going under the knife), skincare technology has come a long way, so why not take advantage of the latest innovations? I’m not at the point where I’d go under the knife, but I was looking for more significant results than skincare alone was accomplishing. After some research into beauty tech, I found the Foreo Bear; a remarkable little device that promises to tone facial muscles and lift sagging skin in just two minutes a day. It’s powered by electromagnetic currents to stimulate muscles and skin, effectively giving it a workout. It’s since become my most favorite facial tool, fitting seamlessly into my skincare routine.


The Foreo Bear is touted as a non-invasive facelift, improving “the facial contour by gently energizing and firming all 69 muscles in your face and neck.” The pulsating massage feature also helps ease facial tension and improve circulation, helping to improve laxity and deliver an instant glow.


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You apply the accompanying serum then follow the app-guided facial routines, gliding the device gently in upward motions along your facial contours and neck. The Foreo Bear has almost no zap or shock due to Foreo’s exclusive anti-shock technology, which makes it best-in-class for comfort. Plus, it automatically turns off after the two minutes are up, so you don’t have to worry about setting a timer.

So does it actually work? I’ve noticed a real difference in the tone of my skin, and a more relaxed appearance. My cheekbones and jaw areas appear more sculpted and my fine lines have visibly softened. The results aren’t as drastic as an in-office procedure, but they’re definitely enough that I never want to be without my Bear ever again. This device is smol magic, especially when paired with Foreo’s face-mask enhancer, the UFO, another heaven-sent treat for getting your best skin possible. While not cheap, it’s five figures less than what NYC’s top plastic surgeons charge for a facelift, so let’s just say I’ve found the device I’m growing old with.



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