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The digital gaps and the prospects for financial inclusion

The digital gaps and the prospects for financial inclusion

This century is known as the fourth industrial revolution or what is known as the information technology and communications revolution, where the whole world is witnessing radical changes in all its components and social, economic, political, and technological fields, which have affected the base structures of all societies in the world and ways of communication between its institutions and even its priorities and ways of global markets and determinants Stay and compete. Information, data, and communication methods and advanced technologies in this era have affected all institutions in their various activities, especially as they are characterized by their abundance, speed of change, and obsolescence in a very short time. In an attempt to find the best ways to identify the huge amounts of this information and various data and control it to collect and analyze it to take the appropriate decisions at the right time, the institutions did not find a more efficient way than using smart and advanced technological tools and devices and adopting their programs and applications to keep pace with global progress to make their name in the markets Its stability and stability in it, in addition to benefiting from all the benefits of these devices and software to achieve the desires of customers and customers in facilitating services and reducing time and effort, which will give the institution the most important advantage in the current century, which is the good digital control of information and services. 
All countries are trying to follow this path as they are trying to do digitization in all their public and private institutions, encouraging this great and strategic transformation with great requirements (cultural, administrative, financial, material, human, etc.) at all levels of their internal and external institutions. There are several basic requirements that must be met and activated in order to achieve enhanced financial inclusion through financial technology, perhaps the most prominent of which is the integration of customers into digital transformation, attracting them and enhancing their confidence in digital transactions. The digital divide must also be reduced, especially with neighboring countries. The efforts made and the successful experience of digital financial services may enhance financial inclusion, contribute to motivating society, and activate the use of financial technology in the field of financial inclusion.

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