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surprising things your cat might be craveing

surprising things your cat might be craveing

surprising things your cat might be craving


Cats, like humans, have different food preferences and tastes. It’s important to know what your cat likes to eat if you want to provide her with the proper nutrition that keeps her healthy. The following guide offers some helpful tips on how you can cater to your cat’s unique palate, so she has no problem gobbling down her food and gets all the nutrients she needs each day.

While you are asleep

In the dead of night, while you are sound asleep, your cat might be up to a lot. Maybe they are stalking prey or maybe they're just licking their paws. But what about when you're awake? What does your pet cat want for lunch? Here's a list of common food items that could satisfy your pet's hunger pangs. Remember though, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to feeding your cat. For example, if your cat has digestive issues you'll need to give them an easily digestible diet. If your pet has medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism or diabetes it may need specific diets and medications too! Always ask your veterinarian before trying out new foods on your furry friend. Be careful not to feed your cat any foods from the forbidden list either, which includes:

-Raw meat and fish -Human foods including onions, garlic, grapes, and raisins

-Uncooked rice or pasta

-Any spoiled food


While you are out of the house

If you're like most people, you probably don't think about what your cat eats while you are away. But if you want to make sure that your feline friend is getting the nutrition he or she needs, it's important to know what they might be craving when their human isn't home. The first thing that cats crave is a fresh drink of water. After all, even though your cat may not need as much hydration as you do, they still have fur! Water will help keep them feeling cool and refreshed during the summer months and help maintain healthy kidney function year-round. The next thing on their list may surprise you - a little kitty litter! Cats enjoy lounging in the litter box because it feels soft under their paws and provides a private place for them to relax. Be sure to clean out the litter box every day so there is always enough for your kitty to enjoy. Cats also get bored very easily and having toys around will help provide hours of entertainment. It is recommended to switch up the toy collection periodically so your furry friend never gets tired of playing with the same old things. Some great options include fuzzy mice, interactive games, feathers on sticks (perfect for catching!), and fishing pole-type toys that hang from a doorway or ceiling with dangling strings. Make sure any new additions to the toy collection are safe for both humans and pets by checking labels before purchase! Lastly, our blog post wouldn't be complete without mentioning treats!


When they get bored

Cats can get bored of the same food, which is why it's important to try and make their lives as interesting as possible with new toys, treats, and games. Cats usually love catnip, so if you're looking for a fun way to cheer up your kitty, try putting some on a scratching post or other place they'll have access to. They also have very different levels of energy depending on their mood; sometimes they want to play all day and other times they just want to sleep in peace! One easy way to help keep them entertained is by placing a tall carpeted scratcher next to the couch where they like to nap. Just make sure there are no cords nearby that could pose a threat, such as lamps or power cords. The most important thing to remember when trying to figure out what makes cats happy is that every cat is different. What might excite one may not even faze another one! It's best not to assume anything about what your kitty likes because it will definitely lead to disappointment. If you ever need a little help figuring out how your cat would feel about something, try picking up The Happy Cat Handbook: A Guide To Giving Your Cat A Long And Healthy Life (Amazon)

When they want something sweet

-Cats have a sweet tooth. They love to lick up the leftover syrup from the bottom of their bowl after you pour cereal for breakfast. -They might also go for your pancake or waffle if you're cooking breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. -Fruit loops are always a good option for kitty, as is any other sort of cereal with lots of sugar.

-Catnip can make cats go crazy, so there's not really anything you can do about that one! You might want to keep it out of reach though. Cats may also enjoy watching the bird feeder outside and waiting for birds to fly by or chasing them around inside when they fly into the house by accident. Sometimes your cat may like to chew on your favorite pair of shoes just because they like how it feels against their teeth and gums-don't worry, this doesn't mean they don't like you anymore! A lot of times they'll want attention too, so just put down some treats and play with them for a while.

Some people think that cats can feel lonely too, which makes sense since they evolved from animals who live in groups in the wild. Some sources say that if a cat spends more than 12 hours alone without another animal or person to interact with then it could lead to stress and unhappiness. 

And much more…

Cats are sometimes finicky eaters, but that doesn't mean they don't want to eat. Cats need a higher proportion of protein in their diet than dogs because they are obligate carnivores. They also need higher levels of certain minerals and vitamins like taurine, vitamin A, niacin, and thiamine. The most important thing you can do is to give them food with a good balance of protein and fat so that their bodies can use all the nutrients present for energy. Give them wet or dry food depending on their preference - some cats prefer wet while others prefer dry. If your cat likes both then it's best to feed him or her both types of food as well as treats. Treats should only make up 10-15% of their total diet. Make sure to read the label before giving any human foods to your cat - many foods contain ingredients that could harm your pet's health and it would be better not to take any chances at all! In general, these include onions, garlic, and other plants related to them such as chives and leeks; fish containing mercury or that have bones; unpasteurized milk products (including cheese) which may cause illness due to bacteria growth; chocolate; raisins; greasy, salty or sugary foods (especially those containing yeast); raw eggs which may cause toxoplasmosis if consumed by pregnant women; alcohol which may cause liver damage. As far as fresh fruits go, anything from apples to oranges should be fine. It's best to stay away from avocados and grapes though since they're toxic for cats. Remember: even if your cat won't eat anything else but tuna, there are still plenty of other healthy options out there! Get creative and experiment until you find something he or she loves. You might just discover something new that's delicious!


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