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10 Tips Every Teacher Wishes They Knew before Began Their Career

10 Tips Every Teacher Wishes They Knew before Began Their Career

Some teaching is of great importance, even if it is not appreciated by many. Despite all the difficulties, constant criticism, and low salaries, teachers take care of the most precious wealth of society and civilization, which is the minds of students. They try, despite all obstacles, to transfer the accumulated knowledge, energy and creativity. in our culture. Every new teacher hopes to be ready for anything at the beginning of their teaching career, but that rarely happens. In this article, learn about tips from teachers who wish they knew before they started their teaching career:

1- Classroom management is key: It is impossible to teach students anything if there are no solid classroom management strategies in place – especially if you are a new teacher. “Send a student to the principal as the last solution.” If you adopt this strategy as a solution, your principal will know that you are good at managing your class.

2- Building a community in the classroom: “You have to build a community in the classroom before you start teaching. You should take the time to get to know each of your students. If you do this early, managing the class will be much easier. And you can do it in different ways.”

3. Mathematics is more than measurements: I wish I knew how much pressure a math teacher puts on management to make sure all students do well on exams. No matter the stress, I like to teach kids how math can be stress relief (adjusting everything for an answer).

4. Flexibility is very important: “There will be a lot of paperwork and a lot of interruptions. Activities and exercises take up study time. You have to be prepared and learn very quickly. Be flexible because your best educational plans can easily get derailed; Because the fire alarm went off during your unit test.”

5. No evidence: “I thought the evidence of experience would suddenly appear in my lap. There will be lesson plans in it, in line with the standards that have aroused the interest of all students, there is no such thing.”

6. Standards aren't everything: “As a new teacher it's easy to feel that every minute of class time has to be justified by a standard. However, it is important that you relax and enjoy the moments of communication with your students. It is okay if these moments are not directly supported by a standard.”

7. Mentors are important: “Look for someone you plan with — ie your most experienced co-worker. You will learn more than you would any other way. Enjoy the summer. This unpaid leave is not a feature of the job. You need it to feel renewed and excited for the upcoming school year.”

8. Reading and Writing Affects Everything: “I wish I knew that reading and writing is critical to science learning! I wish I could learn to be a reading teacher, no matter what subject I’m going to teach.”

9. School supplies are scarce for a reason: “I wish I knew it might be hard for some kids to bring school supplies. Automatically we may feel like it’s a lack of effort, but I finally realized that just getting some kids to go to school takes a huge amount of effort.”

10. Wait until next year: “It's exhausting being a new teacher. But the good news is that the second year of teaching will be better than the first. You'll have assignments created, and you'll be much better at both the classroom and time management, so wait there.”

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”- W.B. Yeats

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