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 Definition of strategic planning The process of clarifying the goals

Definition of strategic planning The process of clarifying the goals


 Definition of strategic planning 


Many researchers and thinkers dealt with the concept of strategic planning. Among these definitions, we mention 

   The process of clarifying the goals that the institution seeks to establish
 An administrative process for establishing and maintaining the relationship between the institution's goals and aspirations, and re-arranging activities in the correct manner that achieves growth and profits in the future
 The ability to anticipate and compatibility between the institution's own capabilities and opportunities and threats arising from the external environment

 The process of making decisions with regard to the objectives of the institution, the use of resources and the application of policies in order to achieve these objectives 
A continuous and systematic process carried out by members of the leaders in the organization to make decisions related to the future of that institution and its development, in addition to the procedures and processes required to achieve that desired future and to determine how to measure the level of success in achieving  


Based on the foregoing definitions, it becomes clear that as method or method that moves the organization to a better situation in the future, which it adopts in order to achieve its ultimate goals and objectives with the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness 


trategic planning is 

The difference between strategic planning and terms close to it 

There are a number of basic concepts and terms included in strategic planning, which contribute in their entirety to the formulation of the strategy of business enterprises, which enables them to create a competitive advantage that ensures them to remain in the market for the longest period of time and prevent threats to their competitors. These terms are: long-range planning, thinking Strategic, strategic management. 

The difference between strategic planning and long-range planning 

Until the end of the sixties of this century, there was no clear distinction between the concept of long-term planning and strategic planning. Despite the two terms being used in the same sense, they differ in their emphasis on the Long-term planning means developing a plan to achieve a set of goals over a period of several years, assuming that current knowledge about future conditions is sufficiently stable to ensure the stability of the plan during its implementation. assumed environment.

 As for strategic planning, it assumes that the organization must respond to the changing dynamic environment and not the more stable environment assumed for long-term planning. 

Thus, strategic planning emphasizes the importance of making decisions that confirm the institution's ability to respond successfully to changes in the environment in which the institution operates. 

The difference between strategic planning and strategic thinking 
 Strategic thinking is thinking that looks forward and determines a direction that leads the organization to exploit opportunities and future variables, as well as leads it to devise strategies and draw the appropriate steps that turn its vision into reality and tries to influence to make that happen. 

Strategic planning differs from strategic thinking, as strategic planning is an analytical process, while strategic thinking is a treatment of insight. 

That is, strategic planning is a rational process that requires analytical skills in planning how to accomplish the strategy, while strategic thinking depends on intuition and creativity in creating new horizons and a vision for the future of the institution,  and strategic thinking is a continuous process in order to find the interaction between the present and future of the institution and not just an annual plan.

Accordingly, strategic planning achieves  and supports the strategies that have been developed in the strategic thinking process; It requires deep thinking, a comprehensive view of things, and the involvement of the various active forces in the organization in the thinking process, which constitutes the core of strategic planning. 

But despite the difference between these two terms, they are two complementary concepts that form the basis of effective strategic . management








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