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5 skills you should learn before the25

5 skills you should learn before the25

Fast typing

Fast typing on the keyboard without looking at it, this skill is one of the most important skills that you have to learn, it will save you a lot of time when you write reports, E-mail, messages, publications or anything you type on your computer, now everything is digital, so you must use The keyboard, whether written in Arabic or English, the funny thing about the subject is that learning this skill does not take long, within two weeks you can reach the general average of 48 words per minute, but you can easily skip this number, there are many sites that It will help you learn this skill and I will mention one of them to you: typingclub




2- Writing down ideas

The second skill is writing down ideas, the latest studies have proven that an average of 6000 ideas comes to the human mind per day, but the majority of these ideas if not all vanish, and you cannot pick up this idea and implement it, of course not all of these ideas have a good potential, but some of these ideas It could be a genius thing, but unfortunately you will forget it and you will not remember that it occurred to your mind like this idea, writing down ideas in a way that makes you more aware of these ideas, in addition, you can find a certain pattern of your ideas through which you can link these ideas and form a genius idea, The idea of ​​blogging also gives your brain space to produce more ideas. David Allen says: “The brain is a device for producing ideas, not for keeping them.” From days, but the owner of this idea was able to pick it up and develop it until it became this dazzling idea, without your thoughts, perhaps one of these ideas will reach this stage.



3- Planning and setting goals

The third skill is planning and setting goals. If you cannot navigate without Google Maps, you must specify the point where you stand and the point you want to reach and the path of the road will appear to you, without this path you will not be able to reach, you do not know this is the right path or not, so without To determine your destination, any decision you will take, or a curve or a bridge that you will take, will make no difference in anything because you do not know where you are going.

In fact, the plan does not have to go as you planned it, always even while you are walking on Google Maps, the path automatically changes due to a closed road or a traffic accident to get you to your destination, there is a saying that says: “The plan is nothing, planning is everything”, so you must Plan a preliminary plan, which will be amended later.


4- Focus

The fourth skill is concentration. This skill is considered one of the most difficult skills that can be practiced today, because the distractions in our time are many videos, publications, messages and notices, all these things that are difficult for you to break free from are the biggest distractions, we know that scientists in the past had a wide culture Despite the lack of sources, one of the most important things that helped them gain this knowledge is the absence of distractions. The scientist could delve into a particular idea for a long period of time without a notification from the phone distracting him. You must train yourself to stay away from the phone and the things that steal your attention every day, Because it has serious symptoms, and to increase your productivity and accomplish something useful, and you will notice the purity and mental clarity that has begun to seep into your mind, you can use the Pomodoro technique, which is dividing focus periods into 25 minutes of focus and 5 minutes of rest and repeating it more than once will help you greatly.


5- Learn how to learn

The fifth skill, learn how to learn, we spend more than 16 years in education, and unfortunately we did not learn how to learn, how do we keep certain information for as long as possible? How does our brain work? And how is information stored in memory so that we can recall it at any time? Learning skills are not only useful for solving high school or university exams at all. Learning skill is useful for learning things outside the university. Courses you will study or articles you will read or useful and valuable posts and tweets that you want to keep or want Embedding it in your brain to build more knowledge on it. After that, we summarize the topic in learning how to learn, which is a comprehensive course on the coursera platform, it is very important to have knowledge of learning skills.

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