How can false love affect a person?

How can false love affect a person?

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 Is Love Truly Real?


Have you ever been in a relationship where vying for the other person's time, love, and affection was a daily struggle? You depend on them to survive. Will they answer back? Will they appear? Or will they disappoint you? You will feel small, alone, nervous, and depressed if you get the impression that someone else is in control of your emotional roller coaster and cares less about you than you do. Your environment will gradually close in on you until you are submerged. The majority of us have at least once in our lives experienced this kind of connection.

Truthfully, this is not how equal and reciprocal love works. It is joyful, serene, and brimming with security and comfort. You'll experience freedom to be your actual, flawed "self." You can be foolish or irate, depressed and weeping, or ambitious, strong, and successful—just know that neither your faults nor your gifts will damage the relationship. Instead, your accomplishments will be celebrated and acknowledged. He or she will push you to do your best work and be there for you as you go through the difficult but necessary process of achieving your objectives.


You will eventually perish if you find yourself in a poisonous and unhealthy relationship. You must let go while you are still capable of emotionally recuperating in order to shield yourself from long-term harm. We all know people who, as a result of unresolved past events, are resentful and walled off. Sadly, they frequently inflict the same harm on others. You must avoid this location at all costs since it reduces your capacity for joy and living. In order to be vulnerable out of love, you must be emotionally stable enough to do so while also acknowledging the possibility of suffering and betrayal. This explains why it's so simple for us to love our children and pets. 

They belong to "self," not "other." Up until the teenage years, when our children will challenge and test your boundaries as they grow into autonomous adults with different identities, we as parents do not run the risk of experiencing this kind of anguish.

Everyone in our world should be special to them. Someone who prioritizes us. Someone who is on our side both in good and bad times. At the end of the day, we must understand that if someone is not interested in us or has other problems and priorities, we must politely part ways after doing our best to explain why. Give them the room they need to take care of themselves and live the life they want. This is the most difficult thing to do when you love someone who is abusing your open heart.


Allow yourself the freedom to let them go and find someone who can truly love you in their place. Additionally, keep in mind that a love that is meant for you will extend itself to you. You won't need to pursue it.


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