What threaten success? Fail or ..boredom

What threaten success? Fail or ..boredom

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What threat success?

If i asked you a question, What is the biggest thresten of success? Another question,What can stop success? Definitely , You would respond even without thinking ‘’It's fail, everyone knows that.'' Let me tell you,You are wrong It's a common think ,i know,But it's time to change it. Try to think again,but this time think deeply to rech the truth.

How can boredom threat success?

Few people think boredom is the main reason which threat success. I agree with them. How can it be true? People always like to earn a habbit. If they needto earn one to full free time, They practise and practise, day after day.Whatever the habbit and whatever what they want from it. Till they reach a point saying ‘’How boring doing the same thing regularly ! We bored.let's look for another thing to do.'' They think they are making a the right dicition. They need to change routine. No one likes daily routine. No one likes boredom. But in my opinion, they are wrong. And if you have the tend to do the same, you are also wrong.

Why is it wrong? 

As Jiamse klear said ‘’the greatest threaten of success is not fail, it's boredom.'' If you did anything and you failed, You would try again and again. Not only that, Your fail would give you determination and challange to success. But if you got bored ,the easy dicision you would take a rest. Day after day , you still bored. A day come and you lost your passion, At the end your habbit would disappear. At this poind can ,tell you ‘’You lost'' you will regret one day couse you lost your great habbit, your effort and you benefit from it. So an advise from me : hold your habbit ,hold your routine, practise your hoppy regularly.

A fact we all know, practicing regularly motivate our brain to rememer always. Not only, but also your brain can be more and more creative.When you keep practise ,you creat things even you couldn't imagine oneday.Doing things bigger than your expectation. As another fact..Human brain loves challange, If it in the limited space.So make a challange over comming your boredom. It's successible to yor brain

How can we over come boredom?

It you want improving,can you let boredom prevent you? Ofcourse no.As Jiamse ktear said ‘’boredom is the biggest enemy of improving your self.'' If you look for success don't let boredom control you.How many intelegant people made agreat habbits could aarive them to the top,but unfortunately they allowed boredom odd them! ‘’In order to live free and happy, You must sacrifice boredom.It's not slways an easy sacrifice.'' Reachard Bach said.This phrase is a rule of a successful life.If you want to live a successful life. Although i think noperson doesn't want success. We all were born to look for success. We all wereborn to fight against fail. That's why fight rour boredom.don't get bored easly.Just keep practice even if boredom control you.Trust of me you can ignore your boredom. Not matter how mach you tried before,try again and again.Boredom is a bsttern not a reality.live successfully,live happily,live without boredom.













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