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?"Do you know the reasons for Russia's insistence on its presence in "Zaporegia

?"Do you know the reasons for Russia's insistence on its presence in "Zaporegia

International organizations called for the plant to be returned to Ukraine, stressing the importance of "that the Ukrainian employees who operate the nuclear power plant in Zaporegia be able to perform their duties without being threatened or pressured."

The Ukrainian operating company Energotom said that "Russian forces are preparing to connect the station to the Crimea, which was annexed by Moscow in 2014," noting that it "is harming it by continuing to redirect electricity production."


The battles between the two sides over the nuclear power plant raise global fears of a nuclear catastrophe. As the two sides trade blame for the attacks, world leaders have called for a demilitarized zone around the nuclear site.

Stop the progress of Ukraine

Cedric Layton, a retired US Air Force colonel, said Zaporegia's importance lies not only in the energy it produces but in its very important strategic location.

Layton added that "the nuclear power plant maintained by Russia, mainly, is an obstacle to Ukraine's advance in the southern part of the country, with the Zaporizhia plant itself on the Russian side, and the city of Zaporegia on the other side. That is why the Ukrainians did not advance for Keep this nuclear plant as safe as possible.

He noted that "any penetrations carried out by the Ukrainians, there is an increased radiological danger in the whole region and the possibility of repeating the Fukushima tragedy, a hostage in the hands of the Russians and a tool of pressure on the international level as a whole. " Social communication.

Winter and energy

"Moscow is planning to separate the station in a risky attempt to turn it into a Russian network," with these words the French academic, Arthur Lidkebrick, began his talk to "Sky News Arabia", noting that what is happening is a systematic process. . . A plan, but the repercussions will be dire.

According to Lied brick, a power outage at the plant can "disable the cooling systems necessary for the safe operation of reactors, while emergency diesel generators are sometimes unreliable."

"The plant contains six reactors, but only two of them are operating at the moment, and it is not clear whether there are any power outages in the plant, which includes 18 diesel generators as backup sources... the reactors," he added.

On the possibility of diverting its destination to the areas controlled by Russia, especially the Crimea, Lidkbrik said that the only way to do this requires the complete closure of the station and the complete cutting off of all lines connected to the Ukrainian territory due to the frequencies. At the moment it is different.

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While he warned that "if the last line is damaged there will be outages throughout the station, which is a dangerous situation, because it will rely on diesel generators only, and it is not reliable because it needs fuel to work, and it also has a limited ability to stay in working mode." . . . Constantly foreshadowing the apocalyptic scenario and a catastrophe greater than Chernobyl and Fukushima."

Lidkebrick called for removing the nuclear reactor from the current battles and conflicts to avoid a nuclear catastrophe, adding that "the region has become a time bomb and the continuation of accusations paves the way for an escalating crisis that will only end with Russia's withdrawal and return to Ukraine as soon as possible, which is an almost impossible demand, especially as it is considered a pressure card." ". The worst winter for Ukraine will not end "Moscow gives up on it closely."

Bonnie Jenkins, a senior US State Department official, warned Thursday that Russia's actions at the plant "created a grave risk of a nuclear accident, a dangerous radioactive release that could threaten not only the people and environment of Ukraine, but also neighboring and neighboring countries." ." comprehensive".

For her part, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Arms Control and International Security called on Russia to stop its military activities around the station, stressing the importance of visiting the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a telephone conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, agreed that the International Atomic Energy Agency would send a mission to the Zaporizhia nuclear plant, expressing fears that the bombing around the plant would lead to a "big explosion". . disaster".

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