Details of the fire of Al-munira church in Egypt

Details of the fire of Al-munira church in Egypt

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On Sunday, Egyptians woke up to the news of the burning of the Imbaba Church in Giza Governorate, a disaster that left dozens of victims and injured. Social networking sites were buzzing with videos and photos of the horrific accident, and 30 ambulances and 10 fire engines rushed to the site of the fire to rescue what could be saved.

The story began with a short circuit that sparked the central air conditioning units of the church and soon the fire spread to the whole church. The Egyptian Ministry of Interior said: "The security services were informed at about 9:00 am this Sunday, August 14, that a fire had occurred inside the Abu Sefein Church in the Western Munira area in Giza. Two officers and 3 members of the civil protection forces were injured.

She added: "The examination of the forensic evidence revealed that the fire broke out with air conditioning on the second floor of the church building, which includes a number of classrooms as a result of an electrical fault, and this led to the emission of a dense amount of smoke, which was the main cause of injuries and deaths. Cooling work is currently underway inside the church building, and measures have been taken. legal". Thirty-five people were killed and 45 injured, in the horrific fire that engulfed the Imbaba Church, according to two security sources to Reuters.

Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population in Egypt, directed the speedy provision of emergency and medical services to the fire victims. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, confirmed that 30 ambulances were dispatched to the site of the fire accident, and 55 cases were transferred to Imbaba General and Agouza hospitals, and the injured cases are being dealt with, as well as the death cases. He pointed to raising the state of readiness in the hospitals in Giza and Cairo governorates, stressing the availability of all blood types and emergency medicines in all hospitals that received the injured.

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